List of ARM Headers

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List of ARM Headers

Postby Admin » Sat Mar 14, 2015 5:21 pm

[glow=red]Move Headers[/glow]
MOV - Move
MOVEQ - Moves something (value, register) into a register if the compare above is equal to something

[glow=red]Data Headers[/glow]
LDR - Load something and put it into a register
STR - Store something put it into a register
LDRB - Load Byte into a register

[glow=red]Arithmetic Headers[/glow]
ADD - Add
SUB - Subtract
MUL - Multiply
DIV - Divide

[glow=red]Null Headers[/glow]
BX LR - Skip rest of function
NOP - Skip instruction

[glow=red]Branch Headers[/glow]
B - Branch
BEQ - Branch if equal
BNE - Branch if not equal
BGT - Branch if greater than
BLT - Branch if less than
BL - Branch link (to another address)
CBZ - Compare and branch on zero
CBNZ - Compare and branch on non zero

[glow=red]Compare Headers[/glow]
CMP - Compare
IT EQ - Compare something and do something if equal
CBZ - Compare and branch on zero
CBNZ - Compare and branch on non-zero
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